Summoner Book



The shelves of bookstores with esoteric literature and Internet resources are literally full of all kinds of "encyclopedias of magic", reference books, collections of spells, etc. But my personal observations show that 90% of literature of this kind is ordinary slag and consumer goods, aimed at the uninformed masses, 10% are books worthy of attention, but also, mainly, with deliberately removed keys to the correct conduct of practices. Finding something really worthwhile, complete and without built-in traps for beginners, especially such a specific topic as demonology, is, in principle, unrealistic. Perhaps it was this fact that served as the first impetus for writing this book.


Here I suggest that you not only familiarize yourself with the background information about the demons of Goetia, which is already easy to find in the writings of other authors, but also give practical recommendations for working with these truly omnipotent entities. When reading, it should be borne in mind that information of this kind is intended for serious practice and is addressed primarily to those who are really interested in demonology and consider magic a way of life, and certainly not for housewives and schoolchildren who have watched the "Battle of Psychics". Although, if you are interested in history, theology and esotericism in principle, this book will significantly expand your horizons in terms of understanding the nature of demons.


When I first began to study this area of magic, I had to find, re-read and filter out an enormous amount of information. And I tell you, it wasn't just easy. Most of such literature contained only a small fraction of something really useful, otherwise - only reflections on the personality of King Solomon, his role in the formation of something there, and a whole ocean of "water" about the Kabbalistic model of the universe with all its huge tables with the names of the Semitic god, etc., in which, in fact, I personally do not see a great need for work.


Therefore, here I will not bore you too much with historical references, aloof reflections on the topic, etc. All this especially suffering can find in other - historical, religious, research and "occult" literature. There will be only personal experience, practical recommendations and background information necessary for work.


Of course, this work will be most understandable to those who have been trained in my School and already have knowledge about the structure of the universe and the processes that are invisible to the eye in it. But I will try to present the material in such a way that anyone who considers himself a magician can understand and use it in his magical work. In fact, this is the first and so far the only textbook of its kind on demonology. But in no case should you consider me your teacher, because in this case, I rather play the role of a teacher: I give you a tool, and how you will use it is solely your own business.


The main theme of this book is classical demonology, although based on Middle Eastern mysticism, but modified already within the framework of the Western tradition by the greatest minds of the Middle Ages and adapted by me to the realities of our time.

>> End of introductory snippet.