The selection of candidates for distance learning Magic takes place regularly.

School of Magic "Ordo Caput Mortuum" under the direction of Namtar Enzigall is a training center for the study of modern psychology, the development and management of the inner and mental energy of a person, occult knowledge of the present and past.


The training program organically combines ancient knowledge and modern magical technologies, which makes it relevant even in our age of a rapidly developing society.

Each student receives a weekly lesson with practical guidance and theory.  The training program consists of three  basic courses aimed at developing basic magical skills without immersion in any one sphere, as well as an additional one, designed specifically for those wishing to learn Necromancy.

Learning magic for everyone is possible and really realizable.

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At the moment, candidates are being recruited for 2 different programs:

- Group training in a course of 40 magic lessons.

- Individual training in an advanced course of high magic and necromancy.

The first is designed for learning "from scratch", the second - for those who already have certain knowledge and experience in the field of magic and esotericism, as well as for beginners, but those who are ready to "give their best".

Group course 40 lessons of magic.


First grade  (10 lessons) is intended for understanding the general terminology, familiarization with the theoretical issues of Magic, mastering the fundamental principles. The course is designed to assimilate students of general terminology, their understanding of the theory of magic operations, familiarization with the models of the surrounding reality used in Magic. In the first year, basic skills such as concentration and stopping internal dialogue are practiced.

Second course  (10 lessons) includes the practice of forming psychological attitudes, lifestyle and changing (transforming) your own body for successful practice of Magic. This course is entirely aimed at making students transform, which is realized on the Astral Plane and is projected onto the physical plane in the form of certain changes. In the second year, various methods of Astral Projection are considered, the skills of their application are practiced. So far simple, but already quite magical tasks are being solved.

Third course  (10 lessons) includes methods of developing a number of abilities necessary for the Magician, and obtaining certain properties of consciousness. Their spectrum is quite wide - from elementary psychic abilities to healing and methods of working with vitality. Here are given the practice of working with frames and pendulums, the practice of obtaining true Names, the practice of making magic volts, the creation of amulets and talismans, and methods of gaining allies in Magic are considered.


These three courses are basic. After them, the student can leave the School or choose to further study the Magic of Death.  

Necromancy Course  (10 lessons) is a portal to Death Release. Here students acquire the basics of the Knowledge of Necromancy, they are given entrances to Necromancy by the Elements. Students themselves create magical artifacts and items of the Force for some Elements. Interesting areas of the space of the Elements are considered, the practices of movement according to the Elements are being worked out. In this course, the traditional qualification work of the Necromancer is done - the creation of the Death Wand. At the end of the course  a final exam is held.

The cost of training for this program is 20,000 rubles ($ 300 / € 250) for 10 weeks (or 2,000 rubles ($ 30 / € 25) per week).


Advanced one-to-one learning course

Especially for the graduates of the first 4 courses and those who know the value of their time, an additional program for in-depth study of Death Magic has been written. This course is for 19  months, consists of 19 lectures, including theory and practical exercises on the development of magical abilities.  

1 lesson - attunement to the Ancestral Ancestral Rings, interaction through VouDoo and the cemetery, Angel of Death. 
Lesson 2 - control of elements and objects through meditation practices, the basics of healing, OS. 
Lesson 3 - the worlds of Death, interaction through a personal Angel of Death, psi-pumping, the body of the Beast. 
Lesson 4 - "lifting" the cemetery, the fence of power. 
Lesson 5 - The World of the Abyss, Feast of the Ancestors, repose through the "body of the comforter", necro-code. 
Lesson 6 - reflected worlds, mirror magic, projection into the world of Lucifer. 
Lesson 7 - effects with the help of shadows, pumping your own shadow body, stalking. 
Lesson 8 - pumping the body of the Beast. 
Lesson 9 - disclosure of the nature of Lucifer, lunar practices. 
Lesson 10 - awakening and pumping internal energy, dream contours.
Lesson 11 - the power of mortal thought.
Lesson 12 - decoupling of fate, turning points, correction of the future.
Lesson 13 - modeling a dream, projection of events on the physical plane, travel to the Infernal worlds and the worlds of Death.
Lesson 14 - methods of sexual control through the body of the Beast, an introduction to working with antiworlds.
Lesson 15 - managing turning points, the nature of fear, mirror magic, portals to Inferno.
Lesson 16 - manifestations of the energy of Lucifer and its properties, the creation of the essence of the conductor.
Lesson 17 - the third eye, the channel for the transmission of knowledge, the energy of the Moon, the energy of Sirius.
Lesson 18 - activating the body's capabilities, energetic cleansing, setting protection, dedication.
Lesson 19 - healing techniques, further development of vision.

Training for this program is structured as follows:

- 1st day of each month - distribution of classes. 
- 7 numbers  - receiving your questions and answering them. 
- the remaining time - to work out the practices and your answers to the assignments.  

In case of additional questions or problems in mastering the material - an individual approach and assistance in solving them.

The cost of training for this program is 30,000 rubles ($ 450 / € 375) per month.

Applications for training and questions about it are accepted  by email

Do not forget to indicate in your letter the program for which you would like to study.