Sign up for a personal consultation (for individuals)  and accepting proposals on  holding seminars in your city (from the organizers) is carried out by phone +7 (928) 77 13 999 and e-mail:

Personal consultations in Rostov-on-Don

Held regularly, with the exception of days of events in other cities


It is possible to travel to the region by prior agreement


  Diagnostics of personality, relationships, cause-and-effect relationships, the presence of magical influences, etc.;

  Ritual practice on issues of personal development, business, finance, relationships, protection from other people's influences and taking counter-measures (attacking rituals against the opponent), starting with banal love spells and ending with deals for the right to possess a soul. 
  Making amulets for the above spheres of life;

  Manufacturing  magical paraphernalia for independent work; 

  Work on energy stabilization of a person and premises (cleaning);

  Money magic: promotion and maintenance of business, elimination of competitors, protection from outside influences;

  Love magic: all kinds of influence;

  Damage work: imposition, removal;
►  Binding an entity (deceased, demon, etc.) to solve problematic issues;

  Working with entities (deceased, demons, sharing, etc.), incl. exorcism;

  Photo work.

Pre-registration by phone:  +7 (928) 77 13 999 or via e-mail:

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In order to save time, please note that Namtar Enzigall:


- NOT engaged  healing. Help with this  is possible only in cases where the ailment was caused by third-party magical intervention, and then work is possible only in conjunction with medical help. But in order to determine this, you need at least a diagnosis (personally or in exceptional cases from a photo). 
- NOT engaged  search for missing people, animals and even more objects. For this, there are law enforcement agencies. The maximum you can try to determine the current state of the person, and done  this is only at the request of relatives. 
- Does not work  free or on loan. There are charitable and credit organizations for this.