Namtar in the media

Your attention is invited to a selection of interviews and articles in the media about Namtar, in addition to the issues of the "Battle of Psychics"

Black magician from Rostov took place in the 16th season of the "Battle of psychics"


Rostovite in the "Battle of psychics": magic comes from childhood


Namtar Enzigal: I have never hung people before the project


Rostovite in the "Battle of psychics": how to defeat competitors?


Rostov resident Namtar Enzigal left the "Battle of psychics"

Намтар Энзигаль участник 16 сезона шоу "Битва экстрасенсов"

12/14/2015 :  - Rostov did not qualify for the final of the show "Battle of Psychics"


12/29/2015:  - Namtar Enzigal from "Battle of Psychics-16" predicted the stability of the ruble

03/25/2016 :  - Namtar Enzigal: "It is as if there is a pressing lead plate over Perm"


03/25/2016:  - Namtar Enzigal from "Battle of Psychics-16": If you get sick, you need to run to the doctor, not to the healers. Audio recording (fragment):


03/28/2016:  - Namtar Enzigal: "Girls go for love spells, but I often refuse"


06/08/2016:  - Shock! Participant of the "Battle of Psychics" Namtar Enzigal about a mysterious photo of a Novocherkassian: "In the photo - a ghost"

06/09/2016:  - Video report: spent the day with a participant in the "Battle of Psychics" Namtar Enzigal

06/17/2016 :  - Actor Andrei Sokolov was "buried" near Gukovo

07/01/2016:  - Namtar Enzigal: the elements were to be expected. Rostov psychic commented on the hurricane downpour

07/05/2016 :  - Participant of the "Battle of psychics" Namtar Enzigal on the construction of a seven-story building at the entrance to the Shakhty park: "Residents can meet a" hungry spirit "

12.08.2016:  - Devil's dozen: 13 questions to the "Battle of Psychics" star on the Ferris wheel

08/25/2016:  - Rostov participant of the Battle of Psychics rejected accusations of fraud against the TV show

08/29/2016:  - Learn magic overnight! - report on the event "Mystical Night"

09/07/2016:  - Shock! Participant of the "Battle of Psychics" Namtar Enzigal on the anomaly of the "Road of Death" "Center-Artem": "Hungry spirits provoke accidents" (INTERACTIVE MAP)


26.10.2016:  - Mystical Rostov: what places should be avoided

31.10.2016:  - Halloween: we carve a pumpkin together with a demonologist mage

12.01.2017:  - Why do people in Rostov call their children that way?

05/12/2017:  ,  ,  - The star of the "Battle of Psychics" Namtar Enzigal has denied allegations of fraud


05/14/2017:  - The finalist of the "Battle of psychics" Namtar Enzigal spoke about the deception on the project

05/24/2017 :  - Khegai, Raidos and other clairvoyants spoke about quackery at the "Battle of Psychics"

13.06.2017:  - Namtar Enzigal on traffic jams and driving behavior

09/05/2017: - Rostov magician supported the construction project of a center for homeless animals

12.10.2017: - What will be the Rostov winter: forecast of weather forecasters and psychic

04.11.2017:  - How to cleanse the aura at home? Experts advise

12/05/2017: - Psychics predict free labor

02/21/2018: - Namtar Enzigal is preparing a lawsuit against the winner of the "Battle of the Psychics" Julia Wang


02/21/2018: - Battle of psychics: a magician from Rostov-on-Don accused Julia Wang of plagiarism

02/22/2018: - A participant in the "Battle of Psychics" is ready to sue the winner of the show Julia Wang

02/22/2018: - Rostov magician accused the winner of the "Battle of psychics" of plagiarism

02.24.2018: - Participant of the "Battle of psychics" Namtar Enzigal criticized the show "Stars under hypnosis"

03/07/2018: Posthumous Tea Party  - Interview with Namtar Enzigal

07.03.2018:  - A black magician from Rostov-on-Don cursed a hacker on a social network

05/10/2018:  - The tragedy predicted by a psychic

05/24/2018:  - "The photo smelled like death": a magician from Rostov said that he had helped to find a boy who disappeared on the other side of Russia

10/29/2018: - Battle of psychics: a black magician returned a dog with a broken skull from the other world

09.11.2018: - Drivers see the ghost of a builder on the Rostov-Taganrog highway

12/24/2018: - A psychic from Rostov-on-Don will take part in the restart of the show "The Last Hero"

12/25/2018: - Sorcerers vs actors: a psychic from Rostov will take part in the TV show "The Last Hero"

12/26/2018: - Semi-finalist of the 16th season of the "Battle of Psychics" Namtar Enzigal became a participant in the restart of the show "The Last Hero"

07.01.2019: - "There were prerequisites": demonologist Namtar Enzigal about the death of Daria Voskoboeva

01/15/2019: - "Healthy competition": who and why opens a Masonic lodge in Rostov  

01/18/2019: - Basta, the Dibrov family, Namtar Enzigal: Rostov stars showed how they looked 10 years ago

03/01/2019: - "No superpowers - everyone thinks about food": psychics fight with actors in the new "The Last Hero"

03/01/2019: - Namtar Enzigal: on the filming of the new season of the show "The Last Hero"

03/02/2019: - When a burger is worth its weight in gold: what do the participants of the "Last Hero" dream about on the island

03/05/2019: - Rostov got a tattoo in honor of his participation in the show "The Last Hero"

03/18/2019: - Participant of "The Last Hero" about the "curse" of the TV show: "Stop trying to suck mysticism"

07/04/2019: - Rostov magician scared his students with a revived corpse in a cemetery

09/25/2019: - "Not bit, not beautiful": a participant in the "Battle of psychics" found a skull for Tolkalina

12/09/2019: - The participant of the "Battle of psychics" Namtar Enzigal is being blackmailed by scammers

02/11/2020: - The star of the first season of "The Last Hero" Namtar Enzigal said that in the continuation of the show he sympathizes with the viewer team

09/22/2020: - The construction of a "necromantic" kindergarten in the Rostov region will continue, despite the burials found at the construction site