“The world is illusory. Create your own illusion and it will become reality "
/ Namtar Enzigall /

Mage, Necromancer, Demonologist, Adept of Death  and Infernal Rings.Participant of the 16th season of the television project "The Battle of Psychics" on the TNT channel (2015) and the reality show "The Last Hero" on the TV-3 channel (2019).Author of the books "Magic educational program. About magic on the fingers" and "The Summoner's Book. Textbook on demonology".Grand Master of the Union of Magicians, Occultists and Esotericists  "Ordo Caput Mortuum").


  Conducting personal appointments and consultations in the field of extrasensory perception, esotericism and occultism:

• Diagnostics of the causes of problems and their elimination;

• Solving issues of interpersonal relations;

• Impact on the mental and physical condition of the object from the photo;

• Blocking and removal of third-party influences;

• Interaction with non-physical objects and entities, mediumistic practices, practices of invocation and evocation;

• Work with the primary energies of both the created world (six Elements and channels of the Major Arcana) and the unmanifest (Lower Worlds, Abyss, Chaos);
• Working with situations and time probabilities - creating the most favorable environment for solving your question (applies to all spheres of life);


Creation of artifacts (amulets, talismans) that change reality in the area of action.


Distance learning  magic and necromancy.


Conducting seminars in the regions.


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Намтар Энзигаль, Маг, Экстрасенс, Битва Экстрасенсов, ТНТ, амулеты, школа магии, колдовство, колдун, магия, некромант, некромантия, демонолог, демонология, таро, руны, школа магии, магическая помощь, Ростов-на-Дону, прием, порча, приворот


Namtar Enzigall is doing not only in personal practice in Rostov-on-Don, but also regularly conducts consultations, seminars and rituals in other cities. Up-to-date schedule of planned activities is available at this link .


School "Ordo Caput Mortuum" under the leadership of Namtar Enzigall is a training center for the study of modern psychology, the development and management of the inner and mental energy of a person, occult knowledge of the present and the past. Here you can learn how to manage life processes, develop the skills of defense and attack, which are so necessary in modern society, rejuvenate the body, manage and correct the future through the energy of the subconscious. Learning magic for everyone is possible and really realizable.


In addition to the course of lectures, Namtar Enzigall is the author of books and articles on magic topics, as well as online webinars on the most relevant and interesting topics for those who are ready to open their minds to gain knowledge, but are not ready to go to school. Electronic versions of books and recordings of some of the past webinars are available for purchase.


The products offered in the store are designed for a wide audience of buyers, but first of all - for those who themselves chose Magic as the path of their own development.

Here you will find:

- unique attributes, so necessary in ritual practice,

- magic amulets for almost all occasions,

- magical and casual clothes from the "Black Cardinal" brand, in which it is not only convenient to go to the forest and to the cemetery, but it is quite possible to go out.


After participating in well-known television projects, media representatives regularly request interviews or comments on current events. The most complete selection of such articles is collected at this link .


Namtar Enzigal became famous in esoteric circles long before he appeared on television screens - thanks to his articles and research on magical topics. The most interesting of them are published on the official Yandex.Zen channel.


In the video section, you can view recordings of live broadcasts periodically held on Instagram . Here are collected answers to many questions from subscribers, both on the topic of magic and on some everyday issues.  You can also subscribe to Namtar's YouTube channel in order not to miss the release of new videos.


Here you can make an appointment, apply for training, find out more detailed information about the goods, place an order or ask your questions, as well as familiarize yourself with the confirmed list of Namtar pages in social networks.